National Level Senior Championship for EC / EI / EEE

Building and Designing of the Robot in such a manner that it completes the allotted task, accomplishing all the hurdles in the shortest period of time with most efficiency.

Workshop Included:
Robotics, Home Automation, Embedded, IOT, Arduino Robotics, Solar Panel

• Build and Design a Fast Grid Navigating Line Follower Robot which is Autonomous in Nature.
• Your robot should start from the START point and should stop at the center of the HOME.
• Robot should navigate the diversified Black line and should reach the home point.
• Robot should complete the whole path with minimum time.

Game Rules and Regulation:-
• Background color of the game arena will be white in color.
• All the lines are Black in color.
• The Dimensions of the Arena are specified before hand, under Task specification.
• External Power Supply is not allowed.
• Every team will get only one attempt.
• All teams will be given preparation time before starting of the competition.
• Four teams will compete at a time.
• Selected teams will qualify to the next round.
• Participants are not allowed to touch the machine or the Arena during the task.
• Eligibility Criteria:-
• All the Participants who have achieved 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th position and have merit Certificate in the Zonal Rounds of TECHVRIDDHI championships held all over India are eligible to register for the Closed Rounds of the TECHVRIDDHI Final Round.
• All the Participants who participated in the Zonal Rounds (have participation Certificate) are eligible to participate in the open rounds of the competition.
• All the interested and keen participants can register for the open round.

Stages of the Competition:-
• League Matches:- All the winners of the zonal round TECHVRIDDHI-17 will be participating in the prelims round from which 25 teams will be selected to participate in the quarter finale.

• Quarter Finals: – Winners of the prelims round will be competing with each other in the Quarter finals and the eligible 10 teams will qualify to the next level that is the Semi finals.

• Semi Finals:- Winners of the quarter finals will compete in the second last stage of the competition and the judges will be selecting the 4 teams to compete in the Grand Finale

• Final Round : – Grand finale will be the last stage of the whole competition, from which winning team will be selected as the winners of the TECHVRIDDHI National Level Championship-17.

General Rules:-
Team Specification:-
• Participating team should consist of 1-5 members; team size should not increase more than 5 members.
• Participating team should have their own Robotic Kit, (provided during the workshop)
• Participants from different institutions can form a team.
• Participants can be from different Batches, Branch, or Year.
• Kit Specifications:-
• Maximum Power supply of 18V is allowed in the completion.
• Kits provided and purchased from TECHNOSPECIES GLOBAL SOLUTION will only be allowed in the competition, kit manufactured or purchased from any other company will be disqualified.
Game Arena will be shown during the event. An appropriate time will be given to configure the robot according to the game arena
Note: Black line width is mm

Terms and condition of the competition:-
• During the game, team members are not allowed to touch the Robot, failure in doing so can lead to Disqualification.
• Robot should only be build according to the robot specification mentioned above; any innovation and creativity within the limits will be considered.
• Dimension marks will not be there in the final setup of the completion arena.
• The machine must not contain any combustible, corrosive, or otherwise dangerous materials for safety reasons.
• The machines you have built will be first checked for size and safety.
• Any kind of damage to the arena will lead to disqualification.
• Judges have the right to disqualify any team if they feel the team is not playing with the fair interest.
• Participants should not dismantle their robots before the completion of the whole completion as the machines might be checked by the organizers at the later stage to ensure that the participants have not violated any of the rules.
• Judges hold the right to disqualify a team whose conduct is found unfair.
• The organizers have the right to change any or all the above rules as they feel fit.
Any changes in the rules regulation will be updated on the website.

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